California Charter Authorizers Master Class


Announcing the CARSNet 2017-18 California Charter Authorizers Master Class

2-Day Intensive Training Program for Experienced District and COE Charter Authorizing Staff

Alameda County Office of Education’s Charter Authorizers Regional Support Network (CARSNet) is a federally-funded program of support and training for California’s district and county charter school authorizers.

California Charter Authorizers Master Class is an intensive training designed for experienced district and county office personnel seeking to improve their practice and develop the capacity of their organizations to enhance the quality of charter schools under their jurisdiction, through effective charter petition review and charter school oversight.
Master Class will be piloting a curriculum addressing advanced charter authorizing practice, challenging charter oversight dilemmas, and leadership development.

Units in development include:

  • Charter petition review for expansion and replication
  • Understanding the “dependent” vs. “independent” charter continuum
  • Strategies for meeting the facilities challenge
  • Using LCAPs in academic accountability for charter schools
  • Financial oversight of charters within networks and charter management organizations (CMOs)
  • Improving charter school governance for better accountability
  • Preparing effectively for tough decisions in revocation and renewal

Participants must be district and county office employees who have responsibility for review of charter petitions, oversight of operating charter schools, and charter renewal. Applicants should have at least 1 year of experience and/or have completed some training in charter authorizing, through CARSNet or other organizations.

CARSNet Master Class will be offered February 7-8, 2018 at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center in San Ramon, CA. It will begin on Wednesday morning at 10 am and end by 4 pm on Thursday. The cohort will be limited to approximately 20 participants.


Registration with CCAP membership – $225

Registration without CCAP membership – $325

Not a CCAP member? To join select this link:   

This includes all meals, lodging and materials. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, although some scholarships to cover travel costs are available. Please contact CARSNet directly to apply for a travel scholarship.

Completed applications for CARSNet Master Class must be received by: December 15th, 2017